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AutoCon: how to increase the battery life of your smartphone


I know that the strong point of the smartphones of the current generation is certainly not the battery, more and more performing devices are produced but with one poor autonomy, often you find yourself at the end of the day with the battery completely discharged and, if you use your mobile phone for work needs, you are forced to recharge it constantly.

Fortunately, the user bsuhas of XDA, who created the application, comes to meet us AutoCon, a utility that allows you to efficiently manage the connectivity of Android devices in order to significantly save battery.

Features and use of AutoCon:

Often a habit of enabling Wi-Fi and data connection so as not to have to deactivate and reactivate them continuously, this is to the disadvantage of the autonomy of the terminal, given that this type of connections are the main cause of the battery discharging.In this case AutoConci comes in handy by deactivating data connection, Wifi and bluetooth at the same time as the display is turned off, and reactivating them when it is turned on again, so that they do not consume battery during periods of smartphone inactivity.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and is highly configurable, opening the menu of possible settings:

  • Manage data connection, Wi-Fi bluetooth;
  • Choose to disable all connections when the display is turned off;
  • Specify a time lapse after which activate / deactivate the chosen connections;
  • Deactivate the Wi-Fi when not connected to any network;
  • Disable the data connection when connected via Wi-Fi;
  • Configure a time interval (for example from 11 pm to 6 am) in which the connections are not automatically enabled when the display is turned on again.

Another interesting feature of AutoWith that of being able to choose not to disable any type of connection while one or the applications you specify are open, even if the display is off (for example if you use Viber to make calls, preferable that the connection remains active even while the screen Finally, by purchasing the Plus version of the application, in addition to removing the advertisements, you can configure a time interval after which to reactivate the connections in the background (while the screen is off) so as not to remain totally disconnected.

Download:AutoCon – Save Battery & Data

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