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Australian iTunes Music Store, sudden stop

Australian iTunes Music Store, sudden stop logomacitynet1200wide 1

Disagreement with a production company. This is the reason that would have forced Apple to postpone the launch of the Australian version of iTunes. To report that it would have been an unforeseen mishap to cancel at the last moment and unexpectedly the possibility for the many local fans to buy digital music from the Cupertino store, the Courier Mail.

According to what we learn from the Brisbane newspaper, everything was ready for the opening of virtual store doors last Thursday. The jobs were so advanced that some users had even managed to create an account and make some purchases (1.69 Australian dollars for a song; 11.35 Australian dollars for a complete album) already before the launch formalization when Apple suspended the accounts, canceled the radio spots already booked and postponed any official communication about them. The reason behind the step back, as mentioned, is an agreement not reached with a local music production company that would not have accepted the conditions proposed by Apple.

Which label is not known to the Courier Mail, but it seems rather probable that it is of some relief if Cupertino was forced even to postpone the launch of the store. The situation is not new for local fans, in addition to Apple, other operators in the online music sector are facing similar problems and are obliged to offer incomplete catalogs. "Apple for" says music analyst expert Phil Tripp "wants to have impeccable service and not launch his shop until everything is perfect"

At the moment, say the newspaper's sources, the negotiations are still in progress but not given to know when the dispute will be resolved and, therefore, when the shop will open its doors.

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