Aukey wireless in-ear headphones with Qi Wireless charging

Aukey wireless in-ear headphones with Qi Wireless charging

Bluetooth in-ear earphones

With the release of AirPods, Apple has created a new market in the earphone industry. Two years after their release, many competitors have marketed a product that competed with the true-wireless headsets of the Cupertino company. Undoubted comfort. No more cables needed to connect headphones to your smartphone or to hang dangling from your neck. If you think the wireless headsets are very comfortable but you don't want to spend 179 to buy Apple headphones, you can find valid alternatives on the market.

Bluetooth wireless headsets with Aukey Wireless Qi charging

In recent weeks I have tested the latest model of Aukey wireless headphones, the EP-T10-GRIS. They are very similar to the previous model that we have already tested. They differ in terms of greater attention to detail, better sound quality and the presence of a wireless charging case. If you want more information on this product continue reading the review.

Sales package and first impressions

Wireless headphone pack

The very neat Aukey EP-T10-GRIS sales package. Opening the box we have in the foreground the two in-ear headphones and the case which, as anticipated, has the peculiarity of integrating wireless charging. Together with the earphones there are 3 sets of grommets (size S, M and L) that allow the user to choose the size that best suits their ear. Being a pair of in-ear headphones, in fact, to have a greater yield, the earphones must fit perfectly into the ear canal, otherwise you would lose all the benefits of this type of product. Finally, the package supplied with a USB type C cable, if you do not want to use the wireless charging case.

headphones aukey case

Case that made of good quality plastic. slightly rubberized and very pleasant to the touch, but gives the impression that it can easily be scratched, even if resistant. There are 4 white LEDs that indicate the charging of the case and light up when you scroll the upper part of the case to be able to extract the earphones. The shape of the headphones is reminiscent of Samsung's Galaxy Buds. So no stem like the AirPods.

Operation of the Aukey wireless earphones

The outside of the touch-sensitive headphones. This particularity makes possible a series of actions that you can do when they are worn. For example, placing your finger on the left or right headset lowers or raises the volume respectively. With a double tap you can go to the next or previous song, or with a single touch you can pause or resume playback.

wireless aukey headset

Moreover, with a triple touch it is possible to recall the voice assistant of your smartphone (Siri or Google Assistant depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android device). Taking advantage of the integrated microphone you can interact with the assistants or talk on the phone if you receive a call. When the phone rings and we are wearing earphones, just touch one of the two headphones to be able to answer.

Microphone quality satisfactory if you are in a noisy environment. In everyday situations, that is when we are on the street in a very busy environment, or on very noisy public transport, the interlocutor manages to feel us not perfectly. In the same environment I used Aukey's headphones and Apple's AirPods and the interlocutor confirmed that Apple's earphone microphone was much clearer.

aukey bluetooth headphones

The case has a sliding opening system in the upper part. When it opens, the earphones turn on (a white LED indicates that they are turned on). By removing them from the case and wearing them, the headphones are automatically connected to the last device they were paired with. You can also use only one headset (for example if we need to make a call) for you can only wear the right headset individually. This is because, in order to work, the right earphone manages the connection and synchronization of the two earphones. In practice, the brain of the entire product. So in no way can use only the left earpiece. Either both headphones or just the right.

Wireless Qi charging of the case

charge wireless aukey headphones

As we said, charging the case also uses the latest wireless system. In fact it can be charged using the classic USB-C charger or with the Qi wireless system. Wireless mode lets you fully enjoy the wireless experience by using a wireless charger. The duration of the considerable charge, with the case you can have 2.5 complete charges, to extend the hours of reproduction from 7 to 24 hours.

Sound quality and synchronization with videos

The main aspect of a pair of earphones is the sound quality. Being an in-ear type, they are able to isolate environmental noises well. Aspect not to be underestimated as, taking the metro every day, with AirPods I struggle to listen to a song or a podcast, while with Aukey's product I don't encounter any kind of problem, with a very high volume and a clear sound. For this reason I recommend finding the rubber pads that best fit your ears, so as to get the best results from the headphones.

Another interesting aspect of these headphones is the IPX5 water resistance that will allow you to fear neither sweat nor rain and use them outside even during sports activities.

stereo headphones

One of its strengths is the bass. By succeeding in isolating the listener, the low tones are full-bodied and make listening to the music enjoyable. The mid and high tones are never dominated by bass, but a harmony is created when listening to all kinds of music. Coming from the AirPods, in some circumstances you get the impression of listening to a slightly muffled sound, but the effect that you get from a pair of earbuds that are placed in the ear to another in-ear type.

wireless wireless earphones

A painful note is the display of videos. With YouTube the problem is more pronounced but it is also noted in minor terms with other applications such as Netflix or Rai Play, but tolerable. a small delay between video and sound is perceptible. Which makes watching videos with these headphones unacceptable. The AirPods from this point of view are undisputed queens, as they exploit both the iOS operating system and the excellent integration of the two earphones to perfectly synchronize audio and video. In my opinion this difference is the price difference between these two devices.


The EP-T10-GRIS wireless earphones by Aukey present a pleasant sound and provide a series of touch controls that facilitate the interaction of the user with the earphones. They isolate very well from ambient noise and are ideal for use in the city and on means of transport. Sin from the point of view of the microphone and the synchronization of video and audio when playing videos on Youtube. Convenient wireless charging and IPX5 certification that makes them waterproof. If you are interested in their purchase you can find them on Amazon.