Aukey Wireless in-ear earphones with charging case

Aukey Wireless in-ear earphones with charging case

Aukey Wireless Earphones

The wireless earphones have taken the upper hand to guarantee their users total freedom from connection cables. The AirPods have made inroads, followed by Samsung's Galaxy Buds at a price starting at 120. Looking for the best alternatives to the most renowned earphones from Apple and Samsung that stand out for a good quality / price ratio, I came across the Wireless headphones Aukey EP-T16S, I tried them and I want to share my impressions with you.

Aukey EP-T16S Wireless Earphones

Aukey EP-T16S Wireless Earphones

We're talking about a couple of little ones in-ear headphones very comfortable to wear for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi. Simply remove them from the charging case and immediately connect to the associated device, ensuring a stable connection. Each earpiece has a touch button through which the music and volume are managed. They are waterproof with IPX5 protection and automatic noise reduction.

The packaging

The package consists of a white box that protects the charging case containing the headphones. We also find the various accessories such as the quick guide (in English) and a complete user manual in Italian. You can also find the micro-USB cable to recharge the case and 2 pairs of additional silicone rubber pads of different sizes in addition to the medium ones already mounted on the earphones.

wireless earphones pack

At first contact, the good impression, the fairly small and light charging case (61 g) in good quality black plastic. The rounded design, easy to hold in one hand and easily tuck into the jeans pocket.

In the front, there is a small slot that allows you to easily open the case, in the back there is the micro-USB port to charge the case and headphones simultaneously.

USB charging port

At the front you immediately notice the 4 small green LEDs that indicate the battery level (25% for LEDs), which light up when the earphones are inserted into the case and when the case is being charged.

led charge

Once the charging case is open, we discover the 2 headphones positioned correspondingly in the right (R) and left (L) positions. They are very small and compact with a quality black finish. They are also very light, considering that the pair of headphones weigh only 9 grams.

bluetooth earphones in charge


Being totally wireless, a small marking on the back allows you to differentiate the left earpiece from the right one. Each earpiece has an external touch surface (with the Aukey marking) on ​​which all the controls are integrated.

touch controls

Functions for both earphones

=> press briefly to accept a call, pause or resume music.

=> 1 second press allows you to reject an incoming call or answer a second call (and switch between them).

=> If the headphones are connected, press three times to activate the voice assistant (Siri or others).

Differentiated functions for left / right earphones

=> On the left earpiece, a long press (2 seconds) allows you to lower the volume, while a double press allows you to go back to the previous track.

=> On the right earpiece, a long press (2 seconds) increases the volume while a double push allows you to move to the next track

You can easily manage audio playback and calls with the touch pad and microphone on each earpiece. The right earpiece can also be used alone as a Bluetooth headset.

How the Aukey wireless headsets work

When you take the wireless earphones out of the charging case, they will automatically switch to pairing mode, immediately available for pairing with your smartphone. Just go to the Settings Bluetooth function on your device and select "Aukey EP-T16S”To match them. You'll immediately notice a stable and efficient wireless connection with Bluetooth 4.2 favored by a specific antenna for a solid signal that resists interference.

To turn on the earphones, simply remove the right and left earphones from the charging case simultaneously. To turn them off, just insert the right and left earphones into the appropriate case.

When you remove the headphones from the case, they connect automatically. As soon as the earphones have been placed in the ear, a small voice in the right earpiece (which can also be used alone) indicates that the connection is active.

Easy to insert into the ears thanks to their compact size. If you choose the right ear tips for your ears, the headphones will stay perfectly attached, even shaking your head actively. You don't notice any discomfort even after 3 hours of listening. This is even more true as they are really very light.

use bluetooth earphones

Being IPX5 certified, they do not fear rain or sweat, which is very convenient for sports sessions or rainy days.

The earphones cover a good range of frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. They also incorporate technology Bluetooth 4.2 (A2DP, AVRCP, SBC, HFP, HSP and AAC).

I listened to different kinds of music and the sound is very balanced. The bass present with fairly clear mids and highs without excessive prevalence of the bass. The volume is very high although I advise you to avoid raising it to the maximum in order not to damage the eardrums.


The earphones use a type of lithium polymer battery from 400mAh which provide up to 3 hours of use at the exit, with a recharge of 1.5 hours. The charging case allows the earphones to charge up to 2.5 times, allowing over 8-9 hours of use.


If you have decided to buy excellent in-ear bluetooth earphones without fainting, i Aukey EP-T16S Wireless Earphones make it just for you. Very light and compact, they are easily positioned and remain inserted in the ears with any activity (sports or not) without causing discomfort even after 3 hours of use.

Moreover, they follow you everywhere, in the rain or with sweat on them, thanks to them IPX5 certification.

It is easily controlled from the touch surface of each earpiece which also allows you to activate a personal assistant like Siri. Whatever the type of music, the sound is very balanced.

If you've decided to buy Aukey earphones, you can find them at Amazon with an excellent quality / price ratio.