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Aukey bluetooth speaker with powerful sound and bass

Aukey bluetooth speaker

There are many bluetooth speakers on the market and when you need to buy one you have the difficulty of choosing the best one. It also depends on the features you are looking for in a speaker, but what I want to talk to you about bluetooth speaker powerful in sound and bass, among the best in the industry, portable with an amazing sound.

Aukey SK-M30 bluetooth speaker

Aukey SK-M30 bluetooth speaker

AUKEY SK-M30 a stylish, portable and high-performance Bluetooth speaker with two powerful 10W drivers (20W total) which surely can satisfy most of your audio needs. Wrapped in an elegant fabric, AUKEY Eclipse a sophisticated bluetooth speaker that has a stunning sound, guaranteeing wide sound coverage not only indoors, but also when you're out in the garden. For its elegance, you can decide to keep it in the living room or move it freely in your home or office without being tied to power and connection cables, considering that it has a duration up to 12 hours of use.


The well-designed and easily portable AUKEY SK-M30 speaker with its weight of 800 g. The entire diffuser (except the base) has an elegant casing made from a gray fabric mesh (also available in black). Below the fabric grille are the two 10 W drivers and two subwoofers. Looking at the diffuser from the side, the SK-M30 has the shape of an ellipse. At the front of the speaker you will find an LED status indicator and microphone.

In the upper part there are i function keys with an unusual but captivating design: power button; Mode button; play / pause; volume – / previous track; next volume + / track.

function keys

On both short sides of the AUKEY SK-M30 Eclipse speaker, there are two subwoofer that emit powerful deep and rich bass sounds, without showing any distortion.

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<p>On the back of the speaker there is the <strong>AUX port in</strong>, the door of <strong>Micro USB charging</strong> and the<strong>LED charge indicator</strong>. The AUX port is useful for connecting the bluetooth speaker to the laptop using the 3.5 mm audio cable included in the package. This port also allows you to connect a smartphone equipped with this attack.</p>
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The lower rubber base to ensure better stabilization of the device on a support surface. Once positioned on any floor, the loudspeaker is very stable, also favored by its own weight.

rubber base speaker

The great advantage of the loudspeaker is the possibility of connecting devices such as mp3 players or Hi-Fi digital music players, computers, notebooks and smartphones via Bluetooth connection or AUX port. The combination of these devices and the Aukey loudspeaker is an excellent Hi-Fi system for listening to your favorite music anywhere. Connect quickly and stream music from devices at a maximum distance of 10 m. via Bluetooth 4.2 (or using the included 3.5 mm audio cable).

Function keys

For turn on the device, just hold down the key power on / off for three sec. The coupling with the very simple smartphone. When it turns on, the speaker immediately enters pairing mode. Just go to the phone in the bluetooth section, activate it and select "Aukey SK-M30”When it appears among the devices to be combined.

bluetooth speaker coupling

Bluetooth playback is performed smoothly and the connection is stable. The function buttons located at the top, such as next / previous track and the button play / pause (receiving calls) respond well to the first touch. The AUKEY Eclipse SK-M30 wireless speaker also has a built-in microphone that allows you to easily receive incoming calls (via the play / pause button) and to speak through the speaker when connected to a smartphone. Useful when you need to share a call with a group of friends or family.

telephone microphone

Sound quality

The SK-M30 speaker has a battery from 4000 mAh, very powerful to allow the reproduction of music up to about 12 hours, but the most interesting aspect is the sound quality that is emitted by the speaker. The SK-M30 is a loudspeaker with high sound: 2x10W = 20W which emits low sounds of exceptional quality. This speaker allows you to organize a party or a barbecue outdoors, listening to quality music simply by connecting the speaker to your smartphone or bluetooth player.


aukey speaker

If you are thinking of buying a bluetooth speaker, you should definitely consider buying AUKEY SK-M30 Eclipse. It is a great bluetooth speaker from 20W with powerful bass, allowing you to listen to music via bluetooth or through the door AUX In, in addition to receiving incoming calls at any time. The perfect SK-M30 wireless speaker for every situation has a huge battery (4000mAh) and give you a great listening experience for any type of music.

You can buy AUKEY SK-M30 Eclipse on Amazon at a price in our opinion not excessive, with a good value for money and a 24 month warranty with product replacement and Aukey Friendly Customer Service.