Aukey 6-port wall charger with AlPower technology

Aukey 6-port wall charger with AlPower technology

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The need to have different mobile devices in the family, smartphone, tablet, mp3 requires a better organization in the charging phase. When six devices are connected at the same time each one with its own charger, sometimes you panic because you need to have several electrical outlets available and this is not always possible. So you need a type of 6-port wall charger to charge up to six devices simultaneously.

6-port Aukey wall charger

To solve this problem, we propose what we think is the most appropriate solution, the 6-port Aukey wall chargerwith ALPOWER technology, able toautomatically recognize the devicegiving him the necessary energy he needs. The Quick Charge 3.0 function is also provided, to allow fast charging of connected devices.

We have already reviewed another wall charger Aukey with 3 USB ports, but for those who need to load more than three devices at the same time, then this type of 6-port Charging Station is required.

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The packaging

The package contains the6-port Aukey wall charger mod. PA-T11, with output (Quick Charge 3.0): 3.6V-6.5V 3A, 6.5V-9V 2A, 9V-12V 1.5A, an AC cable one meter long to connect the Charging Station to the electrical socket and the manual use also in Italian. The charger in black and has a rectangular shape of very small dimensions, 103x71x25.7 mm. and weighs 195 gr.

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6-port Aukey wall charger

The compact Aukey battery charger has six USB ports on one end and the AC cable input on the other. Everything here, but the best is in the functions.

AlPower technology

The Aukey 6-port wall charger equipped with the technology AlPower, very useful for the simplicity of use of the device, because, every time you have to charge a smartphone or a tablet you don't need to check which USB port you need to connect to, because every charger port automatically recognizes the voltage needed to charge at maximum speed every single device.

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Technology AlPower it also allows you to charge devices connected at maximum speed with a 2.4A output charge for each Ai USB port, in particular, owns two Quick Charge 3.0 ports is four AIO ports.

Keep in mind that the maximum output of each door is 2.4A, therefore, with an output charge of 2.4A for each Ai USB port, your devices will safely receive the charge at the maximum speed allowed. If the maximum power is exceeded, it does not mean that it does not charge but charges more slowly.

It is safe, because the battery charger is equipped with a protection system that safeguards the devices connected from risks of overcurrent, overcharging and short circuit.

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The 6 Port Wall Charger AUKEY Quick Charge 3.0 a good product, useful because it solves the problem of connecting multiple devices at the same time, easy to use with AlPower technology and Quick Charge, compact in shape and pleasing to the eye to keep anywhere in the house.

To buy thisAukey battery charger, you can go up at an affordable price considering the utility.