Aukey 5000mAh Portable Battery: Review

Aukey 5000mAh Portable Battery: Review

Aukey 5000mAh Portable Battery

I am about to go on a trip and I have been looking for a compact portable battery to have always. The requirements are simple: compact and with good capacity. Compact because it will have to carry it with me for a whole day and will have to occupy as little space as possible. With a good capacity because I expect to take many photos and use the navigator intensely, so I will surely have to recharge my smartphone once or twice in the same day. Looking at Amazon there are many powerbanks, but one in particular has caught my attention. It is about Aukey 5000mAh portable battery, which contains everything I need.

If you are also looking for a convenient, lightweight and compact external battery, then I suggest you continue reading this review and find out if Aukey's solution can meet your needs. To get a better overview of the product, let's point you out Amazon You can buy it for 12.99.

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Sales and design packaging

The sales package of the Aukey 5000mAh portable battery in line with that of the other products of the company: made of recycled paper, it has inside, in addition to the battery, also a 20cm long microUSB cable and the instruction manual. The powerbank fits perfectly in the palm of one hand, and has a length of about 9 cm.

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Let us now turn to the fundamental aspect of a portable battery, that is daily use. The technical characteristics show a capacity of 5000mAh. Making two calculations, I should be able to charge the battery of my iPhone, which from 1715mAh, almost 3 times from 0 to 100. In reality this is not true. But this is not a defect of this battery but more generally of all the products that have an integrated battery. During operation, in fact, part of the capacity is dissipated in the form of heat, while another part is used to illuminate the LEDs. Finally, the remaining capacity is used to recharge the smartphone.

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<p>During the tests I carried out, not only on this powerbank but also on others I had the opportunity to prove, that the real capacity of the battery is about 20% lower than that indicated in the features. So with the portable battery of Aukey we will be able to exploit about 4000mAh, which are still many and have allowed me to recharge my smartphone completely twice. An interesting feature is AiPower intelligent charging technology. This technology is able to understand what type of device has been connected to the battery and provides adequate power to complete the recharge. This turns into fast charging for your smartphone, being able to take advantage of a maximum output current of 2A.</p>
<p>A wall adapter is not included in the package to recharge the powerbank, but you can use your smartphone charger without any problems. Alternatively, I advise you to evaluate the purchase of a wall charger with multiple USB inputs.</p>
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There Aukey 5000mAh portable battery excellent for those looking for a compact, ergonomic product with good and economical capacity. By reloading the smartphone once a day via the powerbank, I can guarantee myself two days off without having to connect the external battery for recharging to a wall socket. If you are interested in buying, you can find the 5000mAh Aukey powerbank on Amazon for the price of 12.99.


point-to-greenSmall and compact.

point-to-greenEasily transportable.

point-to-greenCompetitive price.


point-redNothing relevant.


point-yellowFor the real capacity we need to consider about 20% less.