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Audio and video news for the 17 ″ iMacs of 2003

Audio and video news for the 17 "iMacs of 2003 – Macitynet.it

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Although for a questionable commercial choice (perhaps dictated by the desire not to interfere with the PowerMac G4) Apple's new iMac 17 ‚Ä≥ does not present the possibility, despite the powerful NVIDIA GeForce4 MX card with 64 MB of DDR SDRAM, to extend the screen and to go beyond the simple faithful reproduction (mirroring) of the internal screen, in the models just presented we find a non-secondary novelty for home and professional users: the connection to the TV with VideoComposito (lower quality) and SuperVideo (quality) output The connection is made through a special connector to be purchased separately and to be connected to the MiniVGA output similar to the one used on the most recent 12 ‚Ä≥ and 14 ‚Ä≥ iBooks that you find described on this ‚ÄúilmioMac‚ÄĚ page. the actual cables for the video signal and an audio cable that brings the signal from the minijack output of the iMac to the RCA socket of the TV must be added. if the TV has only a Scart socket, it is advisable to purchase an adapter like the one described on this "ilmioMac" page

You can therefore also use the iMac for a direct connection to large TV screens to enjoy DVD movies at PAL standard resolution and perhaps, through third-party accessories such as M-Audio 5.1 or 7.1 channel USB boxes, enjoy the films on DVD but also their own processing in dolby Digital.

Return on the 17 iMac G4 (but not on the 15 ″ ones that use the old motherboard) the audio input already present also on the eMac and on the new PowerBook G4 from which probably the largest iMac among most of the features of the mother plate.

The audio input will not give you the quality of dedicated USB-Audio conversion devices but represents a remarkable convenience for the interaction with the machine (think of the voice recognition software with dedicated microphones such as iListen) and for the acquisition of analog audio.

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