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AT&T security hole discovered for iPad customers, arrested for drug use

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The hacker who discovered the security bug in AT&T's iPad customer registration system ends up in prison. The arrest of Andrew Auernheimer, "battle" name Escher, completed yesterday evening by the FBI, not due to the work of unveiling the bug, when the possession of narcotic substances, cocaine, LSD and other pharmaceutical substances for sale controlled, at his home.

According to reports from the authorities, the Auernheimer house in Arkansas was reportedly searched by the Federal Bureau yesterday yesterday and the banned substances were identified in the course of this operation. The reason why the FBI would have ordered the action at the "Escher" home has not been specified, but it is likely to have something to do with the investigation that the federal office is carrying out on the hack case that led to the dissemination on the Internet of numerous emails of leading personalities.

Goatse Security, a group of which Aurnheimer one of the leaders, stressed that it had been a "white hat" operation, that is to support AT&T itself to help the mobile operator to improve its security; Goatse Security also claimed to have warned AT&T before contacting Gawker Media (the publishing house that had bought the "lost" iPhone at the bar and therefore involved in a complex court case unleashed by Apple) which then spread the news of the bug. The mobile operator, however, denied having been contacted by Goatse, a group much discussed in the past for the "peculiarity" of its methodologies of action, and instead having been warned by one of his business customers after images with lists had been published on Flickr email addresses of members of Congress, representatives of governmental bodies, members of the army and VIPs in general. For this reason, FBI intervention was requested.

Andrew Auernheimer, 24, previously arrested in the past for providing false general information to a public official who spoke during a discussion in a parking lot, held in the Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Arkansas and according to Anthony Foster, representative of the Washington sheriff's office County, questioned the day after tomorrow, 18 June,