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AT&T greets 8 GB iPhones

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AT&T greets 8 GB iPhones –

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In the USA, the 8 GB iPhone 3G has ended. This, at least, what some overseas sites report, citing BoyGeniusReport, always quite informed as regards the movements that take place in the warehouses and shops of mobile operators.

Just a mobile operator, AT&T, would be at the origin of the indiscretion. The leaders of the carrier that Apple's exclusive partner, at least according to BoyGeniusReport reports, would have made it known with an internal circular that customers who request this specific model must be said that it is out of stock and no longer available and that there is no information on how much inventory will be restored. In practical terms that the cheapest of the retired iPhones.

The farewell to the 8G iPhone is not new for European customers. In recent days the phone had been put out of the catalog almost everywhere, including Italy. The reason for this operation in the forthcoming launch of the 4G (or HD) model which should be announced on Monday at WWDC. Probably Apple will move the 16GB model in the box now occupied by the iPhone 8GB, this is to keep a low-end product in the list but also compatible with iPhone Os 4. As is known the 8GB model, in fact, the first iPhone 3G and this version it will be able to manage only some of the functions of the new operating system.

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