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AT&T, a new flaw in the protection of privacy?

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AT&T, a new flaw in the protection of privacy? –

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Is there another privacy issue for AT&T? According to Gizmodo, the site that had already revealed in collaboration with Goatse Security the first bug that exposed the email addresses of VIPs and personalities from the political world, the answer s. This time the problem occurred to a number of people who over the past few hours have tried to register to book iPhone 4 and who have seen the data of strangers instead of their account.

Gizmodo reports at the bottom of his article a discreet series of testimonials that support his complaint. All certify that they have instead seen their personal information, that of other AT&T customers: email addresses, actual calls, telephone accounts. Trying to reload the third party information would disappear and the correct information would then be provided. The first report would come from a certain John King who as evidence of his experience has made available a screen that would constitute evidence of the events.

The reasons for the bug are evidently related to a database malfunction; an alleged "insider" allegedly told Gizmodo that in the past few days AT&T has updated its systems to cope with attempts at computer fraud; the upgrade would have knocked out most of the databases and software used for transactions between Saturday and Sunday and still at this moment AT&T would not be able to correctly process orders, both these passed by telephone and by computer. Also for this reason, the iPhone booking registration system would not have been experimented in any way and would have gone "live" completely in the dark. All this could also be the cause of the new hole in the protection of privacy.

AT&T asked by Gizmodo said that it had not been able to replicate the bug but that in no way information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and telephone call details were exposed.

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