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ATI for the rescue

ATI to the rescue

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Here we are, the Radeon cards of ATI, of 32Mb of VRam and with Charisma Engine chips are available in pre-order, which is a prelude to the effective release of the products that should soon end up on the shelves and the windows of the retailers. The cards will be marketed at a price of 248 USD and will be available in PCI and AGP versions. The declared performance positions the new ATI product at a lower step than the Voodoo5 but the features of the board are absolutely interesting: VGA and DVI support, TV output to directly hook up a television or video projector with composite inputs; besides we find support for the QuickDraw 3D RAVE that allows us to maintain compatibility with older games, there is also support for OpenGL and QuickTime. Big concerns remain about the future of the card as a product pre-installed on future Macs, as well as we don't know if it will be included in the BTO options on the Apple Store, Jobs has not yet forgotten the leak on the eve of MacWorld and this weighs heavily on the future OEM of the ATI card.

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