Candy Crush is the most downloaded app on iOS in 2013

At the University to learn how to develop applications

At the Politecnico di Milano you can learn to create an application from scratch: registration until October 2nd

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<p>Of (only) development of <strong>applications</strong> can you live? We have been asking ourselves for a long time and we have also given ourselves an answer: with a good mix of intuition and (a lot) of luck, and examples like those of Candy Crush or Il Meteo, two successful Italian stories, prove it. Now the question: <strong>can it become a job?</strong> Or rather, the development of the app is still only an activity for geeks or it can also be approached by those who have interest and passion for the subject. To give a first and interesting answer the Polytechnic of Milan with the <strong>course Development App for non-developers</strong>.</p>
<p>As the name suggests, the opportunity (<strong>Free</strong>) for graduates and professionals, preferably without employment, under the age of 35 who have not yet tried their hand at programming. The question can be filled out on this page and sent to this email address until <strong>2nd October</strong>, c space for<strong> 30 students</strong>. The course begins on the 13th of the same month, lasts 18 days and includes 7 workshop sessions for a total of<strong> three months</strong>. A clarification is needed: we are talking about development by platform <strong>Android</strong>. However, it is worth throwing yourself into a 25.4 billion euro arena in 2013, so the value of the ecosystem of markets linked to devices, apps and mobile networks in Italy corresponds to 1.6% of GDP. In two years, these figures said Politecnico Observer Director Andrea Rangone <em>will touch altitude <strong>40 billion euros</strong>, 2.5% of our gross domestic product</em>. To characterize the initiative, called Samsung App Academy, the presence of the Korean brand, which in addition to making available the <strong>Tablet</strong>, gives teachers the opportunity to interact with students through the same with the application<strong>School Smart</strong>. The teacher manages everything from her tablet, has the possibility of proposing quizzes, sending material and checking the work of the entire class, including any attempt by a student to exit the platform to do more. Thanks to the Wi-Fi signal, without the need for an Internet connection.</p>
<p>A model that seems to work: according to the research conducted by the Cremit – Universit Cattolica and commissioned by Samsung itself, the tablets are <strong>useful for supporting learning</strong> for 18.42% of teachers, to produce instruments and materials for 11.62% and to increase the motivation for students by 10.53%. In addition to the course of the Polytechnic, they benefit at the moment <strong>25 Italian schools</strong>. The figure should double in the coming months also with the support of local institutions. One of the many praiseworthy pieces of the Italian digital school puzzle that continues to need a unified strategy.</p>
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