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At the request of the Police, Apple can also access data on iPhones locked with …

At the request of the Police, Apple can also access data on iPhones locked with ...


Apple can access data on iPhone if requested by the police

The Cupertino company capable of accessing the information contained within the "blocked" devices, but the waiting list for data recovery is very long.

Apple can access data on iPhone if requested by the police.

Those who thought that locking the iPhone with a code could be enough to prevent anyone from accessing the data stored on their iPhone was a sufficient security measure was mistaken.

Apparently, in fact, Apple, at the request of the police (and with a mandate attached) can access all the data stored on any iPhone, including smartphones protected by the security code lock.Without the help and collaboration of Apple, in fact, the police would need at least 5 years (and in any case up to 25) to be able to discover the protection code of a single iPhone. With the help of the Cupertino company, on the other hand, in about 7 weeks, iPhones protected with a security code can also be unlocked. Not bad as a shortcut, is it?

As reported on the siteCneta few days ago, the Cupertino-based company allegedly started a collaboration with the US law enforcement agencies to help recover the contents inside the smartphones belonging to the criminals. The procedure, of course, would seem to be tied to a series of permissions related to user privacy that only a mandate could guarantee.

At the moment it is not clear how this is possible, but it seems that Apple can also enter the iPhone locked with code thanks to a combination of software + dedicated hardware, which manages to bypass the security code to make available to the police all the information contained on the iPhone being investigated.

No remote access without the user noticing it, therefore: to access the user's personal data, in fact, Apple physically needs the device. Data recovery can take up to 7 weeks, but in the US the fashion of requesting Apple access to users' private data stored on the iPhone is spreading very quickly. In this way, in fact, the police have the possibility to see calls, messages, photos and other information saved and archived by criminals inside their smartphones, even if these are blocked and protected by a secret code.

In Italy this does not seem feasible yet, but it cannot be excluded that this "practice" may soon arrive in our country. In case, however, we will update you.

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