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At Niguarda in Milan the medical records are managed with iPhone and iPad

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At Niguarda in Milan, the medical record is managed with iPhone and iPad –

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Thanks to the iClinic software developed by Connexxa, the medical record becomes electronic and fully manageable via iPhone and iPad. The solution that sees Apple's devices engaged along the lanes already being tested at the Niguarda in Milan, one of the most complex and cutting-edge hospital realities in Italy. In the project that in addition to the Niguarda sees the collaboration of Telecom Italia and Connexxa, healthcare professionals can access patients' medical records in complete mobility and in real time with laboratory analyzes, CT scans, radiographs, resignation letters and much more.

Apple devices are particularly suitable for use in the healthcare sector thanks to the easy-to-use multi-touch interface, Wi-Fi and even 3G connectivity, and finally the high resolution screen that allows you to view medical images. In addition to patients' beds and hospital wards thanks to Wi-Fi networks, health professionals can also access the medical records and data outside hospitals via 3G networks. Connexxa's iClinic software can thus also be used by general practitioners and local medical centers. For more information on iClinic for iPhone and touch you can visit the official Connexxa website.

We thank Alex Brenna for the report

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