Web Marketing Festival 2017

At 6,000 in Rimini at the Web Marketing Festival

6.000 at the Palacongressi for the 5th edition of the Web Marketing Festival: focus on digital innovation, social and quality training

Digitalic participated in the fifth edition of the Web Marketing Festival. Two days of important personalities, including representatives of Google, Facebook and Amazon, and innovation, with the final stages of the Startup Competition. There is also space for entertainment with the Modena City Ramblers concert which introduced the theme of two days

At the center of this fifth edition, digital and social innovation

For the 6,000 participants appointment on the morning of June 23rd in the Plenary Hall where, on the notes of the folk group Modena City Ramblers, the theme that was the guiding thread for the various initiatives of this edition was introduced. Also this year, in fact, the two days did not only deal with digital training, but also with social and theme-based initiatives that use digital as a means of expression and promotion.

To welcome the guests in the Hall, Cosmano Lombardo, Chairman of the Web Marketing Festival and CEO of Search On Media Group, that presents the entire two days. To do by godmother deception of this fifth edition, instead, wasGiorgia Palmas. We started with the intervention of the sociologist Francesco Morace which has provided a general overview of the trends concerning the social fabric and the business world that have also been taken up over the whole two days. The comparison is as current as ever and rich in reflections on the novelties introduced by the Digital Transformation ongoing.

The Web Marketing Festival can be considered a true digital agor that, through the various initiatives developed, touches all the worlds connected to it: among the main ones there are the non-profit, music, innovation, lindustry 4.0, accessibility, startups and Internet security, states Cosmano Lombardo, Chairman of the Web Marketing Festival and CEO Search On Media Group.

only from the awareness that you are these issues central to break down the barriers that fuel the delay of our country's digitalization. All together, through the co-construction of the Web Marketing Festival, we put the first brick, taking the first steps towards a happy growth of the company, aiming at a sustainable economic and social improvement.

Mafia and Digital, the present and the future of organized crime

These reflections serve not only to take stock of the state of the art of digital art, but also to lead lampia to the first panel focused on Mafia and Digital, where we talk about theincreasing use of the Internet by organized crime. Authoritative voices like those of Riccardo Meggiato, cybersecurity expert, Lorenzo Tondo, that between the role of social networks in the illicit trafficking of human beings, and of the journalist Federica Angeli, under escort for his investigations against the underprivileged, they allow the public to observe the timeless problem of the mafia presence on the territory from the point of view of those who face it by profession and live it on their own skin. Even if the mala ably exploits digital spaces and social networks, there are those who put their pen and their experience on social media into play to illuminate the darkness that mafias feed on and denounce the crimes committed in the digital world, declares the Republic journalist commenting on the subject.

Inside the panel, space also to the award ceremony for the children of the Castrocaro School for their idea of ​​dedicating a public bulletin board to Giorgio Perlasca, the man who saved over 5 thousand people from the Holocaust atrocities. To deliver the posthumous prize directly to the son of the Italian entrepreneur Piergiorgio di Cara, former Deputy Quaestor of the State Police, writer and screenwriter.

Digital Media Market: video advertising drives the growth of the sector

The contribution of Andrea Lampertishifts the spotlight back to the evolution of the Digital Media market. Particular attention to its most innovative components: Video advertising to drive the growth of the online advertising sector: in 2016 it effectively exceeded 500 million euros and in 2017 it could represent over a quarter of the total Internet adv. Also important growth of the advertising on Smartphone that collects about a third of the digital advertising market, even if the time spent on these devices about 65% of the time spent online, is therefore still very potential, explains Lamperti.

Also Google, in the role of expert manager in Business Transformation Yuval Dvir, intervenes on the issue by illustrating how the Digital Revolution has influenced the human factor by changing the way it operates and interfacing with a professional ecosystem.

Space then a Giuseppe Quintale, president ASROO (Scientific Association Retinoblastoma and Oncologica Oculare), a reality with which this year the Web Marketing Festival has launched a fundraising campaign, supported by important realities such as Sixtus Italy that for the fundraising it is engaged in the supply of the meshes of athletes, Italian and not, of relief involving partner sports clubs. Among those who have decided to join the cause Sampdoria, Sassuolo, Olimpia Milan, Team Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team.

The intervention, to follow, of the actor and author Ubaldo Pantani has closed morning of interventions in the Plenary Hall, summarizing the issues addressed and anticipating the fundamental ones of the afternoon, including accessibility and migration.

Space for Digital Transformation and its evolutions

After a day in the training rooms, return to the Plenary Hall in the afternoon to talk about Digital Transformation with the interventions of Ivan Mazzoleni, expert on the topic of innovative and Head Business Digital Transformation of Microsoft Italy, and of Marco Gay, Executive Vice President of Digital Magics, incubator of digital startups. The speeches concerned him evolutionary state of Industry 4.0, of the transformation into fieri of the Italian market and of the small and medium enterprises that operate in it. 4 points the increase in GDP linked to the digital economy, 330 billion euros in the value of the sharing economy in 2030 and over 110 billion in revenues from traditional industry with Industry 4.0. These three numbers underline the importance that innovation, Open Innovation and digital transformation have for our economy, but above all the fundamental role they must play for the future of our country. In this process of change and the industrial revolution, digital startups are crucial and crucial for making Italy even more competitive internationally, with Digital Magics we support digital talents because our Italian excellences become the third most famous brand in the world: the Digital Made in Italysays Marco Gay, Executive Vice President of Digital Magics.

Also the testimony within the same frame Laura Di Bonaventura, Marketing Director LEGO Life, that haspresented in Italian preview on the Web Marketing Festival LEGO Life stage, the innovative idea of ​​social networks according to the digital professionals of Danish society. LEGO Life the LEGO app for new generations of children and designed to continue what has always been the mission of the LEGO Group: to inspire tomorrow's builders. This is the first social experience in a child's life, in an absolutely safe environment, says Di Bonaventura.

Final stage of the Startup Competition

The first day of the Festival ended with an unprecedented interpretation of Ubaldo Pantani in the role of Lapo Elkann, which through the launch of an innovative startup – I DEA – has ledthe public to the final phase of the Startup Competition e to the presentation of the 6 best business ideas that this year, among over 300 projects, have earned the right to take the stage of the Plenary. An important moment of social and cultural innovation, at the end of which the vote of the public and of a jury of experts, including Amazon, Aruba Cloud, LVenture Group and Microsoft, decreter the winner of the competition.

Web Marketing Festival 2017