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Astaro, secure access for iPad users

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Astaro Corporation, a company specializing in applications and hardware for network security, has announced the support for iPad by its Astaro Security Gateway, a solution for protecting the confidentiality of data in remote connections; iPad users can connect using the device's VPN functionality. This feature, in addition to being present in the professional version, also included in the Essential Firewall and Home Use Edition, both free.

The Astaro Security Gateway supports PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and SSL VPN connections, allowing you to create secure tunnels with the iPad. Within companies, for example, employees will be able to connect their device to the corporate network without the need to purchase any other new applications or networking equipment.

"The iPad is a sales success and shows how users are asking for more and more devices of this type. For this, it is necessary to understand how to use it for work in a completely safe way – says Gert Hansen, Vice President of Product Management of Astaro – Connecting to the network through the Astaro Security Gateway, means that employees can access resources in a completely secure way network via iPad. This function is not reserved exclusively for Astaro customers but is included in the Essential Firewall edition which is available for free for professional use. "

Private users can connect their iPad to the home network using the Home Use edition of the Astaro Security Gateway, which is a full version of the Astaro Security Gateway available free of charge for all home users. In this way, iPad users will not be forced to purchase additional products but will immediately be able to enjoy all the features of their device. The setting of the VPN connection is also extremely simple without requiring special technical knowledge.

"The iPad can be used in many ways, such as watching a movie or TV using the Airvideo application. With the Astaro Security Gateway Home Use edition, iPad users will be able to access the multimedia content available on the home network wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection, so it will be possible to see a movie while waiting for the train ”concludes Gert Hansen.

Astaro allows anyone to set up a tunnel configured for iPad, iPhone or iPod, in seconds through automatic configuration. This process simplifies the setting of the VPN for the end user, also providing the certainty that the tunnel has been set up correctly and safely.