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Around Caravaggio, the art of Merisi on iPad

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Art and history on iPad. Here is what “Around Caravaggio” offers, a new Enhanced Press application released simultaneously with the launch of the Apple tablet and which in a few days has already reached the top of the sales charts.

"Around Caravaggio" in fact a real digital volume containing four essays for as many topics converging on the artistic parable of Michelangelo Merisi: from training, to affirmation, to luck. The volume contains interesting ideas to re-read the life of the Lombard painter and better understand, through the analysis of the graphic production of other authors, the period of the Italian Baroque.

In the e-book you can navigate using different icons, interact within the book having the ability to copy and share parts of text, see videos that highlight the particularities of the paintings described, or be able to see very high resolution images in order to appreciate in detail the individual parts of the work of art.

Coming soon there is a version 1.1 of the application in which a series of options have been added to improve navigation and user interactivity. By clicking on the button for the "Preferences" menu, you can set the position of the arrows: "Up arrows", "Down arrows", or do not use the arrows but browse the book using your finger in "touch mode". In addition, directly from within the reading window it is possible to set the volume, if the product had a soundtrack, or jump between the pages of the work itself using the classic "slider". In version 1.1 you can also add both "fast" bookmarks or use the "bookmark with comment" option.

"Around Caravaggio" part of a far-reaching project which, says Alessandro Risuleo of Enhanced Press is mainly based on the creation of a standard that gives multimedia features to classic editorial products without absolutely distorting the product itself, in this case a book of art. Furthermore, we also believe in the possibility of being able to give users tools that can also serve from a didactic point of view as well as entertainment, also safeguarding the needs of individual publishers. We are working on this path and soon other news will arrive.

"Around Caravaggio" on sale for 79 cents.

Below, a YouTube movie shows version 1.1 in action.