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Aria Lazio, application to detect pollution or fine dust

Aria Lazio, application to detect pollution or fine dust – Macitynet.it

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Technology at the service of health. The company 3Wlab has developed Aria Lazio an application for iPod and iPhone 3G and 3GS that allows to know, with daily updating, the data relating to the air quality in the Lazio region produced and processed by Arpa Lazio, the public body that carries out technical-scientific and monitoring activities.

The user's position identified by satellite geolocation, after which all information relating to the air quality detected by the nearest monitoring station is sent to the iPod or iPhone. For all the polluting elements kept under control according to the regulations – ozone, benzene, carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, fine dust – the detected quantity is indicated and if this exceeds the allowed threshold, an alert is triggered for the user. The application also allows you to know the air quality situation for each of the data collection stations in Lazio, to consult the history of the detections carried out at each station, to view the trend on a monthly basis in graph form.

Aria Lazio can be downloaded for free from this App Store page.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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