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Are you looking for a free alternative to SBSettings? Here is NCSettings for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Are you looking for a free alternative to SBSettings? Here is NCSettings for iPhone, iPod and iPad


The best alternative to SBSettings? Definitely NCSettings!

As you know, unfortunately at the present time iPhone, iPod and iPad do not allow you to quickly change the system settings via toggles in the notification bar, contrary to what happens instead on Android.

Fortunately, to easily overcome this heavy limitation of iOS through the jailbreak that, thanks to special tweaks, allows you to activate fast switches (or toggles) to change system settings such as WiFi, Bluetooth and more on the fly.

Among the most famous tools to add toggles and quick switches for system settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod in the notification bar we certainly find SBSettings. As an alternative to this tool, however, I would like to point out NCSettings, an excellent Cydia tweak, completely free, which, just like the competitor, gives us the possibility to insert quick switches in the notification center of the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Let's see its main functions and what this software offers.

NCSettings looks better than SBSettings for a number of reasons, among which we find:

  • The icons are centered in the Notification Center
  • The compact design makes this tweak very space-saving
  • Takes up less RAM

For some advantages, however, NCSettings also has some limitations compared to SBSettings, such as:

  • In SBSettings, you can access a variety of additional customization options
  • The menudrop-down is not present
  • There are no additional themes / plugins for NCSettings
  • The quantity of items on NCSettings is much lower than that of SBSettings

However, if you are looking for a free tweak on Cydia to add switches and toggles to change system settings on the fly, this program is definitely for you. To try.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad. Tested on iOS 6.1.2.

NCSettings a must-have addon for your jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad.

If you want to insert comfortable toggles inside the Notification Center of your Apple device, this widget is absolutely for you. With this widget you can in fact efficiently and quickly access all the essential settings of your iPhone, all without abandoning the application you are using and without having to go to the Settings.

The toggleatt present in NCSettings include:

  • Wifi
  • Volume
  • brightness
  • Display orientation lock
  • Bluetooth
  • Airplane mode
  • Respring

These toggles can be hidden by accessing the Settings menu and changed in order by moving the various widgets. The developer has announced that new toggles will be introduced with future updates. After installing NCSettings, you will need to enable the widget from the Settings> Notifications> NCSettings menu.

If you are interested, you can download NCSettings for free from the ModMyi repository. Obviously, a jailbroken device is required for installation.

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