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ArchiCAD 7.0 ready for SAIE: CAD ready for the Web

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Defined as "A powerful and flexible tool, which goes beyond the concept of traditional CAD and the generic nature of the most popular IT packages" Archicad provides a fast and associative system for designing integrated 3D virtual buildings, guaranteeing an absolutely individual approach, adhering to its own specific sector and its work organization.

The new version 7.0 further speeds up the design methodologies, makes project management even easier and more flexible, thanks to the intelligent interaction between all the internal and external elements of the structure, it includes a new series of extensions to enhance individual design aspects, first of all RoofMaker, an Add-On to quickly and easily model the structure of the roofs, with particular reference to the wooden ones.

Version 7.0 allows you to open projects developed with ArchiCAD to the Web, without the use of additional applications or particular host solutions. Via the Internet, users, colleagues, third parties, can see, underline, intervene on ArchiCAD designs in any anytime and anywhere without owning the program that developed them; the suggested changes can then be easily processed with ArchiCAD. A total opening that adds to the already generalized sharing of the projects developed with the Cigraph system, both in the conversion of data for import and in the availability of the documents to the outside: compatibility of DXF formats / DWG and conversion to the new DGN I / O format for reading MicroStation documents, using 255 pen colors to simplify the conversion of AutoCAD documents.

ArchiCAD is "only" the "heart" of a system to which Cigraph has internally connected a series of additional functions, designed for the needs of the individual professional, developed with API (Applications Program Interface) technology.

This type of setting has transformed ArchiCAD into a complete system for architectural design, capable of exhaustively managing all aspects and phases of an architectural project, structured for the vast and complex range of diversified needs of a design studio of any size and specificity.

The six Plug-Ins developed so far by Cigraph already fully solve the most common problems of the current design: – the contextualization of the building with the elaboration of the land's morphology and landscape architecture (ArchiTerra); – the realization of construction details and executive drawings for the construction site in an incredibly easy and fast way through ArchiRuler; – for those who work in the sector of restructuring and conservative restoration, on the other hand, ArchiFaade a powerful and simple tool, specific for the perspective straightening of facades; for those who instead need to create particular shapes, architectural details, moldings, furniture elements or other volumes and surfaces in perfect freedom, without resorting to the use of the GDL, ArchiForma "Free" creativity in the design of any formal preciousness. Finally, the latest born: ArchiTiles, to design the aesthetics of the interior coverings, floors, ceilings and walls, simplifying the work both from the point of view of representation and calculation and laying and ArchiPaint, previewed at Saie, for freehand drawing, to make hand-made notes and sketches and to elaborate your projects with pictorial effects. "