Apps that help us not to waste food

Apps that help us not to waste food

Last minute food at discounted prices, but also advice on how to store food and use leftovers. 5 anti-waste apps

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Every year in the world they end up in the garbage 1.3 billion tons of food, equal to one third of global production: to say it Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation, according to which the food waste in Italy of 65 kg of food per year per capita. Another report, from project "60" Sei Zero of the University of Bologna, tells us that food waste in Italy is worth 0.88% of GDP: the estimate of over 15 billion euros (of which 4/5 by consumers). In reality, several reports and figures circulate on the net. But more, less figure, the problem of food waste is always the stigma of our bad consumption habits, which so far have found few solutions. Perhaps we have it in our pocket: our smartphone. You just need to have the right anti-waste app to do something right away.

1. Too Good To Go. Born in Denmark in 2015 from an idea of Puts Lykke this app does of Too good to be thrown away its action program. Like? Allowing bars, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, supermarkets and hotels to retrieve and sell unsold food in boxes at last minute prices which can cost tbetween 2 and 6 euros for a meal. To buy the products, you just need to locate yourself, find a member shop, order the Magic Box, pay and go to collect it. In Italy, where just arrived, they have already joined EXKi organic restaurants, Carrefour and Eataly shops with an experimentation in the Milanese store. But the network, starting from Milan, it is widening visibly. Our goal is to create the largest anti-waste network in Italy: to date, over 11 million Magic Boxes have been purchased in Europe, which has enabled the environment to avoid the emission of more than almost 23 million tons of CO2, explains Eugenio Sapora, Too Good To Go Country Manager for Italy. Motivated optimism: in the rest of Europe, TGTG already has 9 million users.

2. Last minute under the house. Also Last Minute Sotto Casa, born on the web as anti-waste community an app is given: it is used to put in contact shopkeepers who have expiring food with a network of customers in the area, who see unrepeatable offers on their mobile phones. In short, the idea is to help us avoid zero kilometer waste.

3. MyFoody. Collects all discounted offers from supermarkets Coop is U2: just click on a store to get the list of last minute sales, with the price. A map simplifies the search: the yellow placeholders indicate that there are offers in progress, the white ones that at the moment there are none. The offers are not limited to products close to expiration, but also to those with packaging defects, which are not lacking in supermarkets as well.

4. Bring the Food. Lapp developed by researchers fromBruno Kessler Foundation in collaboration with Food Bank allows to to donate food through charitable organizations in our area. It is aimed above all at supermarkets, bakeries, fruit and vegetable shops, etc. which can publish offers of surplus food, making them visible to nearby non-profit organizations. These, with a click, can book them, receiving in return a code for the collection. Lapp should be a bit fixed, but in return you can also use the service from the website.

5. A good opportunity (UBO). Donate food and buy the right thing expiring. But we must also learn not to waste it. This app helps us out by explaining how to store 500 foods, what are the right portions, how to make the shopping list and how to reuse leftovers: from yogurt to fish, reading it turns out that with a little attention nothing is thrown away. And the advice has a scientifically authoritative source: the experts of theExperimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Liguria.


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