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Applications to keep weight and calories under control

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Are you on a diet but never remember how many calories that dish has? Or are you unable to make a program to go ahead to achieve your goals? iPhone and iPod touch, with the 4App4 that we have selected for you in this chapter can give you a hand. From the simplest ones, equipped with a rich database with tabs on foods and dishes, to the more complex ones, with graphs and tables with all the nutritional values, up to those that also offer motivational support to succeed in the business of getting on the road of a healthier life.

WeightbotWeightbot allows you to keep under control the changes in body weight, both for those who want to lose weight and for those who have to put on a few pounds. It is possible to set our weight target and enter the weight detected every day: the program calculates the index body mass and allows you to view your progress through accurate graphs. Weightbot works without problems both with the Anglo-Saxon units of measurement, pounds and feet, and with our local kilograms and centimeters.

Find Weightbot at a price of 1.59 euros from this App Store page.

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<p><strong>My coach</strong>Not only a series of instructions to lose weight, but a real motivational support to find the right lifestyle. With just a few minutes of effort a day, My Wellness Coach – Checking my weight shows the way to a less sedentary and healthy life: calorie counting, training instructions and small tips, all simple graphics with a immediate interface.</p>
<p>My coach available on the App Store for 79 cents (on offer for a limited time)</p>
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iFood ProiFood Pro a database with about 2000 food and recipes inserted. For each it offers cards with detailed chemical composition and indication of nutritional values. It then provides graphic and numerical indications on the quantity (remaining and in excess) of macronutrients that can be taken for the current day, calculated on the basis of caloric intake; a graph of the energy breakdown for each food; graphs of calorie intake and weight changes and a list with about 150 physical and sports activities with related calorie consumption.

iFood Pro available for 2.39 euros on the App Store.

Calorie counter The Calorie counter application is a complete system for finding nutritional information of the foods eaten and tracking meals, activities and weight. 'Calorie counter simple to use and has various tools: quick choice to find the calories and nutritional information of your favorite foods, brands and restaurants; food diary to plan and track what you eat: physical activity diary to keep track of calories burned; diet calendar to see the calories consumed and burned; a chronicle of the weight; a diary to record your can also synchronize an online account to access information at any place and at any time.Features include the use of iPhone 3GS or higher as an optimized barcode scanner, manual entry of the code to bars.

Calorie counter available at 79 cents on the App Store.