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Applications rejected by the App Store, Apple turns another screw

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Double crackdown on Apple against developers whose applications are excluded from the App Store: after the gag that prevents them from publicly reporting the choices made by Cupertino towards their creations, the news of the closure of the only loophole, the possibility of installing the same applications rejected through the 'Ad Hoc' method, the particular procedure that allows developers to distribute programs to a limited number of customers without going through the App Store.

To report the Almerica measure, the creator of Podcaster who had taken this path precisely as a result of Apple's refusal to give the green light to its program. Until yesterday, the developer had circumvented the provision by giving some customers a license in exchange for $ 10 which gave access, in fact, to an ad hoc installation. The system, designed by Apple to assist developers in testing programs, has the particularity, in addition to escaping the control implemented using iTunes, also to prevent Apple from collecting the 30% of profit that the developers pay to the Cupertino coffers when they put a program on the App Store for sale, two factors that together have surely shaken the Apple.

Phone News, which reports the event, hypothesizes for Apple the risk of some legal action as a result of what is happening. "Previously they could have argued that the App Store only has a sales channel over which they have strict control – the site says – now they have taken a path that prevents anyone from having access to the channel of use of the iPhone and iPod touch."

For his part, Almerica is silent. Or, better, after protesting with a message that appeared on its site, removed the page in question that describes the facts, this probably in accordance with the strict privacy policy established by Apple which since yesterday explicitly prohibits developers from reporting any communication between of them and Cupertino, even if this does not concern technologies or development systems.