Apple's gaming market also suffers from the Covid-19

Apple's gaming market also suffers from the Covid-19

Apple fell to the bottom of a particular ranking of software companies that deal with gaming services, and this is due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In particular, the research firm GlobalData to have announced Apple's decline in this particular ranking, which saw Apple – before the lockdown – climb several positions. Analyst Rupantar Guha says Apple's drop in the gaming industry "can be attributed to the changes the company made in its game revenue channels," as well as changes to the App Store and Apple Arcade during COVID-19.

An example, as pointed out by Guha, of the removal of the game "Plague, Inc" from the Chinese App Store last February. The game, remember, imposes on the user the goal of spreading a virus, even if an update already announced will lead to a contrary method, that is to eradicate an existing virus. The analyst said, however, that this move slowed Apple's growth in China, which is the largest gaming market in the world.

Apple's gaming market also suffers from the Covid-19

At the same time, Guha said it is "unclear" whether Apple's 30-day free Apple Arcade trial will be enough to "attract a significant number of new subscribers." Finally, again according to the GlobalData analyst, unlike rivals like Google and Amazon, Apple does not seem to have made progress in the eSports sector, which according to the company is aimed at a "niche audience" of about 10% of the population global.

Despite having the technological capabilities and potential titles for eSports on Apple Arcade, during the global blockade Apple failed to benefit from this thriving market

Starting in June 2019, Apple was the fourth largest gaming company in the world for Newzoo, thanks to the rise of mobile games supported by iPhones and iPads.

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