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Apple working on proprietary QR codes: iOS 14 will read them through an AR app

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Apple may be working on new ones proprietary QR codes which can be read by an AR app that will be present on iOS 14. During the day today we have already talked about proprietary QR codes in the news dedicated to Apple Glass, therefore it seems that the reports are multiplying.

Just below you can find a selection of the codes that could be used by Apple, which differ from the traditional ones due to the presence of images and colored patterns, but not only. The central ones, in fact, offer a completely different layout compared to what we have seen so far, while the 4 external ones are quite traditional – despite the color note – to the point that they are even recognized by the existing scanning systems (try to frame them with iOS Camera app!).

The next version of Apple's mobile operating system could therefore also support elaborate and colored codes, far from the matrix design we are used to. These solutions could be customized to meet the needs of commercial partners, thanks to the possibility of introducing company logos.

Among the other novelties of iOS 14, whose presentation is expected for WWDC 2020 at the end of June, there seems to be an update of the application Where is it (the old Find my iPhone), which could use a particular haptic and sound feedback system to help the user find his devices.