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Apple working on a new solar panel solar farm in Nevada

Apple al lavoro su una nuova solar farm a pannelli solari nel Nevada

Apple is working with NV Energy, a Nevada utility, to build a new solar panel field near the Reno data center. According to GigaOM, Apple, which has two other solar farms supporting the North Carolina data center, with the Reno panels will produce between 18 and 20MW of power occupying 137 acres with the array. Tecnicamemte will be based on a SunPower Oasis C7 system, a series of parabolic mirrors capable of reflecting sunlight and increasing the energy concentrated by the sun by seven times.

The construction of the Apple solar panel field was approved on June 12 this year by the Nevada lutility commission and, according to the terms, Apple house has the possibility to expand the settlement in the future. During construction, Apple will exploit geothermal energy to power the data center, continuing its commitment to the use of clean energy.

For some time now, Apple has set itself the goal of powering every structure entirely with energy from renewable sources: solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal. The Apple house is investing to produce the energy it needs locally, by entering into agreements with alternative renewable energy suppliers and reducing consumption. All the data centers and facilities in Austin, Elk Grove, Cork and Monaco, as well as the Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, are already 100% powered by renewable energy. In all the other Apple structures in the rest of the world we are at 75%, but this percentage is destined to rise.

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