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Apple with Google and Microsoft for a common protocol for accessing health data

An Apple representative is expected to attend a meeting organized on Monday by Carin Alliance, a coalition of health and technological bodies created to promote the exchange of health information directed by consumers.

To report it CNBC explaining that the meeting will focus on the implementation of changes proposed by the US Department of Health and Human Services in order to promote the interoperability of medical data.

The participation of Ricky Bloomfield, at the head of the Apple team that deals with biomedical and clinical informatics. The proposal of the Health and Human Services department aims to create a standard model for sharing data relating to health claims, which includes tests, medical examinations and medical procedures. The specifications in question were created by the CARIN Alliance and include hundreds of shareable elements agreed upon by multiple regional and national health plans in the United States.

In addition to an Apple spokesperson, the meeting also included the participation of companies from the medical sector and the IT world including Microsoft. Apple, Google and Microsoft have initiated various health-focused initiatives, but the lack of a standard reference model has made it difficult to access clinical data on different platforms.

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Since iOS 11.3, Apple has provided the Health Records function by bringing together hospitals, clinics and the current Health app to allow consumers to view their medical data, available from multiple sources, whenever they wish. Patients from participating healthcare institutions have access to information provided by various institutions, organized in a single view, and can receive regular notifications of the results of their laboratory tests, medications, their conditions and more. Health Records data is not stored on Apple servers but encrypted and protected with a code on the device.

The Casa di Cupertino also provides API Health Records for developers and researchers, making it possible to create an ecosystem of apps that use this data to control drug intake, nutritional plans, diagnose diseases and more.

Even Microsoft, with HealthVault, allows the storage and management of health and fitness related information. in any case, a common reference standard for the sharing of data relating to health claims is desirable, regardless of where the patients have been treated and depending on the device and platform.

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