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Apple will donate a percentage of the cost of its products to Foxconn employees

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Apple donates a percentage of the cost of its products to Foxconn employees –

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A Foxconn worker

Apple would be available to transfer 1 to 2% of its products to Foxconn employees as a subsidy and compensation for the working conditions endured on the Chinese company's assembly lines. To say an online Chinese newspaper would have learned from some sources close to Foxcon itself, Apple's decision would be the direct consequence of some investigations carried out by the Cupertino inspectors after the chain of suicides that took place in Foxconn.

Currently Apple pays, depending on the products, between 1 and 2% of the final cost of Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone to Foxconn; bringing the percentage between 2 and 4% the Apple, it seems to understand, would not encourage the Chinese company to invest in a reduction in working hours, in a more relaxed shift and in general improvements in the quality of employment, but it would still pay off employees of daily discomfort.

The first product to be included in this program should be the iPad; today Apple pays 2.3% of the final cost to Foxconn, a percentage that will reach 3%. The aluminum back of an iPad, the Chinese newspaper notes, is worth 3% of the cost of an iPad.

Controversy over low wages, exhausting shifts, police checks, factories that turn into dormitories, are not of today when it comes to Foxconn. Last year an inspector of the company who had the task of distributing the prototypes to beta testers had committed suicide by jumping out of a window after being accused and heavily humiliated for having, so said the company, "sold" an iPhone whose images they are then passed on the Internet. Over the past few months the rumors about suicides in Foxconn have multiplied, also occupying the pages of Chinese newspapers from which heavy criticisms have started. Apple, one of Foxconn's many customers, had promised checks and inspections.

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