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Apple Watch saves a YouTuber from illness

Prevenzione della fibrillazione atriale con Apple Watch: più di 4.300 ECG in due giorni

Apple Watch still useful in the medical field: this time it was the YouTuber Joel Telling who was lucky enough to wear the Apple smart watch during a tachycardia attack. Here are the facts. The watch, thanks to the too high heart rate notification system, informed the Youtuber that it had recorded a heart rate of over 120 beats per minute for more than 10 minutes; this prompted him to seek medical assistance.

Following the Apple Watch notification, Telling immediately went to the emergency room, where doctors established the tachycardia. According to Telling, doctors performed a series of tests that showed no pulmonary embolisms or irregular heart rate activities. The most likely cause of this tachycardia, said Telling himself, was "stress and dehydration from a recent trip". Therefore, he was given fluids in the hospital, so that his heart rate immediately returned to normal levels.

apple watch heart

Thanks to Apple Watch, the Youtuber was able to find timely emergency care, which fortunately allowed him to recover his optimal state of health by avoiding that tachycardia could lead to a possible heart failure, stroke, or even worse consequences.

Not the first time that Apple Watch saves, or helps save, a person's life, thanks to its function that allows you to set a notification threshold for "high heart rate". Recently, Apple Watch has saved the life of a Brazilian advertiser, complete with a greeting message from Tim Cook.

In the past, Apple Watch had already thwarted other critical issues, helping to save a user's life; even earlier, Apple's smartwatch had helped to stop heart attacks, especially by reporting anomalies and problems that prompted users to turn to doctors and helpers. also happened in Italy.

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