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Apple, Wall Street believes it

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Apple, Wall Street believes it –

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At least for now, Apple's tax return statement has not shaken. Indeed many seem to have given credit to Fred Anderson who stressed how Apple managed to manage in a more than adequate way a difficult period for the IT market.

The proof in the Wall Street price list. The AAPL stock at the time of writing shows a good result, with a growth of 1.32% and rather strong exchanges.

Therefore, the budget hole of $ 8 million or the substantial break-even in sales of the machines compared to the previous quarter did not produce any effect, while many expected progress.

No one is even shaken by the downgrading suffered by Needham, a financial analysis company that has downgraded Apple from buy to hold.

Evidently, investors preferred to focus their attention on the increase in turnover, the reorganization efforts and the reduction of warehouse stocks. Goals that many other competing companies fail to achieve.

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