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Apple: the Vietnamese developer has affected 400 users

Apple: the Vietnamese developer has affected 400 users – Macitynet.it

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ITunes servers have not been drilled and they have never been threatened by the cyber attack: Apple returns to talk about the events that occurred over the weekend, releasing some important clarifications. In essence, Cupertino specifies that Apple's security has worked again and the fraud occurred over the weekend has affected only about 400 users, out of a total of 150 million registered iTunes accounts.

Apple's new clarifications arrive a few hours after the statements released yesterday in which the expulsion from the App Store of the programmer Thuat Nguyen guilty of having climbed the ranking of the best-selling and most profitable apps with a series of untranslated Vietnamese ebooks was communicated, purchased using the accounts and credit cards of numerous unsuspecting users. The fraudulent operation over the weekend had alarmed the attention of the media and numerous iTunes users concerned about possible breaches in the security of Apple systems. The concern was not resolved with the first statements by Apple in which no mention was made of attacks or security threats but simply the announcement of the expulsion of the Vietnamese programmer, finally offering a series of advice to users to verify the operations performed with credit card suggesting blocking in case of fraud.

In practice, from the new Apple declarations published on the Clayton Morris blog, we learn that the iTunes servers and especially the millions of user accounts, with their credit card numbers, have never run any danger. Cupertino also announces that a new security procedure has already been integrated on the iTunes online store to avoid the type of fraud perpetrated last weekend. For some hours now, for purchases on iTunes, users will have been asked for the CCV security code of their credit card more often.

Now, however, the "mystery" of users who have complained of thefts from credit cards, episodes that have never been fully clarified and which, unspoken, are linked to the story of the Vietnamese developer, remains to be solved. Among the hypotheses phishing phenomena or cases of carelessness that have led to reveal sensitive data then used to make purchases or perhaps some technique developed in Asia and still to be analyzed.

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