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Apple Store online, stop selling iPhone 3G 8 GB

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Apple Store online, stop selling iPhone 3G 8 GB –

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iPhone 8GB is no longer available on the Apple Store

Applee is beginning to prepare for the launch of the new iPhone. This is the consideration that can be made by noting the progressive disappearance of the 8 GB model in the sales channels.

The release maneuver began to be evident from last week when, on the occasion of the revision of the entrance costs for the purchase of the phone, Vodafone canceled the possibility of buying the model in question. Since the end of the past week Tim has also displayed the "unavailable" sign on the page intended to present the characteristics of the entry level. The work is (almost, because apparently "3" presents it as still available even if there is no possibility to buy the 8GB online) completed with the stop on sales on the Apple Store.

Italy is not the only country where Apple seems to have put an end to the life of the old iPhone 3G; also in Australia and in other countries where telephones can be bought online (such as in Hong Kong) there is the writing temporarily unavailable. As for the United Kingdom, an important operator such as O2 has also eliminated online sales of the 8G model.

The most reliable hypothesis that Apple, close to the arrival straight of the new model, is preparing to follow the same commercial module already covered with the launch of the 3GS version. At that time the 3G version had been kept in service, now it could touch the 3GS, which for this reason has been eliminated from the most direct channels (even if it remains available at some retailers who have purchased good quantities of it previously). Apple would be favored in this scenario by the fact that 3GS fully upgradeable to iPhone 4.0, therefore it will be possible to provide all the services envisaged for the future "4G" (or HD), except, of course, the video chat which depends on a front camera and probably also from a higher performance hardware.

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