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Apple requires conflict-free raw materials from suppliers

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Apple requires conflict-free raw materials from suppliers –

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The Congo subsoil rich in Columbite and Tantalite, minerals that make up coltan, a raw material used for the construction of switches, computers, video game consoles and cell phones, optimizing the consumption of electricity and one of the elements that contributes to battery life . 80% of the deposits of these minerals are in the Congo and the extraction of these precious materials at the origin of the civil war in the country. Coltan has, in fact, great economic and strategic importance and is in great demand by the industries that create electronic, IT devices, by the aerospace industry. In recent years the value of the ore grown excessively and the population involved in the collection work to the physical exhaustion in the mines only to feed the army and rebels who have found in the mineral an inexhaustible source of enrichment.

Derick Rhodes, a Wired reader, sent Steve Jobs an email asking if Apple suppliers use raw materials from areas where bloody conflicts are taking place to build the iPhone 4. The response was not long in coming and Jobs replied that Apple requires suppliers to provide written certification stating the use of "conflict free" materials. "Honestly," Jobs says, "there is no way to be sure and until someone invents a method to chemically trace minerals from the mineral source a problem that is difficult to solve."

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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