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Apple reopens the Apple Stores in Switzerland and some in the USA, zero in Italy

Apple reopens the Apple Stores in Switzerland and some in the USA, zero in Italy

The reopening of the Cupertino retail chain stores continues gradually, slowly but steadily, in line with the extreme caution of the multinational to protect the health and safety of its employees and visitors as much as possible: starting on Monday 11 May, a handful of Apple Stores reopen. in the USA and instead starting tomorrow the Apple Stores in Switzerland will also reopen.

The new announcements follow the very first reopenings in China, then in South Korea, Austria and also Australia and then in Germany. Since the outbreak of the pandemic out of China around the world, Apple has stated that for the reopening it constantly monitors the situation on the basis of individual nations and also locally, region by region.

In line with this policy, Apple reopens a limited number of Apple Stores in the US, all positioned in states where the effects and spread of the pandemic have been limited and the situation under control. These are some outlets in Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and also in Alaska. The company specifies that it continues to monitor the local situation and that it will proceed to reopen other stores as soon as possible to do so safely.

Apple has rented new offices in New York City

As of Tuesday 12 May, all four Apple Stores in Switzerland will also reopen in Basel, Geneva, Wallisellen and Zurich, as anticipated by Mark Gurman. Both in the USA and in Switzerland and in all the other reopening countries, the stores adopt limited hours and numerous safety and health measures.

These include detection of the temperature at the entrance, maximum number of people admitted simultaneously inside, cleaning and malfunctioning several times a day of the exposed devices, suspension of all courses and Today at Apple activities, focus on assistance and repairs. For the time being, no reopenings have yet been announced in our country, it is probably necessary to wait until May 18th.

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