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Apple removes the NDA clauses for iPhone developers

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Apple removes the NDA clauses for iPhone developers logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has decided to remove the privacy clauses imposed on iPhone developers. With an official announcement published by Apple on the web page dedicated to developers, Cupertino informs that it has decided to remove the NDA secrecy clauses for all programs already released and available via the App Store.

The NDA clauses to which Apple refers have raised several negative comments and protests not only by programmers and software houses but also by authors and publishers: all were in fact unable to share or treat knowledge essential for iPhone programming.

Apple announces that a new agreement will be provided to developers without NDA (Non disclosure Agreement) secrecy clauses and valid for all software already released. It should be noted that the NDA clauses remain valid for all programs and functions not yet released.

In the message addressed to the developers, Apple declares that the NDA clauses represent a higher level of security which, combined with the hundreds of patents filed for iPhone technologies, aimed at protecting the work and development of the Apple smartphone. In practice, these are security measures aimed at protecting Cupertino's inventions and innovations, to prevent them from being copied by others. In any case, Apple acknowledges that these clauses represented an obstacle for the developers thus deciding for the removal.

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