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Apple releases Sign 2.1 for iPhone

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Apple has put iPhone 2.1 online for a few minutes. The update weighs almost 240 MB and is available through the iTunes update mechanism.

The main changes are those announced by Jobs last Tuesday. Among them there is a greater stability of the system and a resistance to line drops that especially in 3G were very frequent and an increase in autonomy, two of the main problems of the iPhone 3G would therefore have been addressed. Apple also lists a "very significant" reduction in the duration of the backup, more efficiency in recovering mail, especially from Pop accounts and from Exchange, greater speed in the installation of third-party software.

Thanks for the report to Massimiliano Bucciol, Carlo Alitto Bonanno, Franklin Molina Peralta, Federico Nicastri, Augusto De Girolamo and all those who pointed out to us the presence of the update.

Bugs that caused some applications to crash have also been fixed, especially in the presence of a large number of programs. Apple also emphasizes greater speed in managing email messages, improvements in the fidelity of the 3G network indicator and deletion of content after 10 attempts to enter passwords that have failed; the latter function can be disabled.

Finally comes the creation of Genius playlists, like on iPod touch.

The download via iTunes is very slow at the time of writing, probably due to the large number of simultaneous accesses. It is also possible to download the file from the direct link: here you download the version for iPhone 2G (for those who have a phone without a hack); at this link the version for iPhone 3G

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