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Apple reiterates: no Macworld in Boston

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If anyone thought that Charlie Greco's departure from IDG Expo served to recompose the relationship between the company that organizes the Macworld Expo and Apple, he was wrong.

The Cupertino company, in fact, seems well determined to keep the bar at the center of the route it has traced and not to reverse the threats to desert the summer event if this will go to Boston, whether it is Greek or someone else to organize it.

In a statement released during the morning and published by the Boston Globe newspaper, in fact, Apple reiterated that it was not willing to set up a stand in the city of Massachusetts at all. "We will not participate in the Macworld in Boston – reads the newspaper – and since IDG seems willing to divest from the New York square we are also re-evaluating the participation in the Macworld in New York 2003 edition"

Apple's words deny, therefore, what Greco himself said yesterday, that Apple would eventually agree to set up a stand in Boston even if it probably would not have sent Jobs to speak. In addition to this, the harsh statements of this morning seem to signal an increase in tension between IDG and Apple, officially engaged in negotiations on the Macworld Expo affair. Negotiations that had momentarily quelled a controversy that now comes back to light again, a sign that something may have broken between the two counterparts.

For its part, in fact, IDG responds with a hard face, reiterating that "the transfer to Boston what has been done and the departure of Greco does not change anything about it"

The possibility of recomposing the story, based on these positions, seems minimal. Apple does not want to leave New York, IDG does not back away from the choice for Boston. To complicate matters further, the impression that Cupertino has, in silence, made the decision to participate in only one Mac event in the USA, that of San Francisco and that the transfer to Boston is only a good excuse to withdraw from an expensive review and, according to Jobs, not very productive.

A face to face that runs the risk of sending up the whole castle on which the series of Expo organized by IDG and with the Apple world at its center. The company that takes care of Macworld, in fact, has made it clear that it could also expel Cupertino from San Francisco. At that point, the history of the Macworld, which began in the dawn of the Mac era, could truly be said to be over forever.