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Apple recaptures NBC on the iTunes store, mutual concessions

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Apple regains NBC on the iTunes store, mutual concessions logomacitynet1200wide 1

One of the unexpected and unexpected surprises (even if some smoke signal had been seen in recent months) of the Let’s Rock event the return of the NBC TV series on iTunes. A decidedly interesting event even if its effects are limited to the American market. In fact, NBC had been the first digital content provider to cancel its participation in the store, accusing the fixed price policy practiced by Apple as one of the main causes of this choice, calling attention to Apple's strategies and attracting points questions about the future of the store and Cupertino's ability to resist his positions.

The handshake between Apple and NBC, say sources close to the American network, which took place behind mutual concessions. On the one hand, Apple has reunited, at least partially, precisely with the fixed price policy, as evidenced by the distribution of HD movies for $ 2.99 against the $ 1.99 of the standard resolution version and some old 99 cents TV series. On the other hand, NBC brings HD content that is not available on its Hulu (a video portal) to the Apple store and does not apply the wild 'deregulation' it wished for in terms of prices.

The reappearance of the contents of NBC important for Apple, as well as in terms of image in negotiations with other partners, also from a business point of view. The series and shows of the giant of the TV show represented one third of the store's sales.

NBC in turn gets a space of great visibility and a large potential audience, the one that owns an iPod and an iPhone, just as the launch of the new autumn season is imminent.

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