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Apple pushes Luxshare to enlarge to assemble iPhone

Apple pushes Luxshare to enlarge to assemble iPhone

Until now, on behalf of Apple, the Chinese manufacturer Luxshare has mainly dealt with the production of AirPods, but the role and importance in the Cupertino supply chain could undergo an important evolution in the coming months. In fact, it seems that Apple is pushing Luxshare to grow to become an iPhone assembler.

So far the vast majority of iPhones assembled by Taiwanese Foxconn and in significantly lower parts by Pegatron and Wistron. The introduction of a new Chinese iPhone assembler would allow Cupertino to further diversify its supply chain, reducing the risks in case of problems with an assembler, and the possibility of leveraging the competition to check for higher quality and lower prices.

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For months there has been evidence of ongoing negotiations between Luxshare and Catcher, one of the world's leading manufacturers of metal chassis for electronic devices. According to reports from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is pushing Luxshare to invest in Catcher, in this way the company could expand and also deal with the assembly of the iPhone, in competition with Foxconn.

According to what emerges, the multinational of Cupertino does not seem to provide any direct financial support for the operation, which would therefore be entirely borne by Luxshare. However, even if it is not specified, Cupertino is likely to push Luxshare to invest in Catcher with commitments and promises for orders and higher orders.

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