Apple publishes a guide to delete the U2 disk

Apple publishes a guide to delete the U2 disk

The unsolicited gift sparked controversy among Apple users, so much so that in Cupertino they had to explain step by step how to delete the disc from the iTunes library

The Apple tool to remove the U2 disk

It was a gift, but if you don't want it, you can now return it. The controversy over the Apple / U2 agreement and the obligatory gift of the new album, Songs of innocence, are not placated. The new chapter: Apple has opened a support page for users.If someone doesn't like it, they should delete it, had supported the band manager Guy Oseary, clearly on the defensive, in an interview with Mashable. There will be enthusiastic people and others who don't care. We knew it.It didn't go exactly that way.

To say that someone didn't care a euphemism – users' reactions were often among the comedian (Who the hell are U2 and why did I hack the phone?) and violent: the thesis, also supported by many respected analysts, that the appearance of the disc in bookstores an intrusion into a private space.Much of the reactions are motivated by the fact that deleting the U2 disk was anything but easy. Also downloaded, remains visible in purchases or in the cloud – and so will be until October 13, the end of Apple's exclusivity.

So we come to the official support page, posted yesterday. Currently available only in English – it refers to another page with a tool, to completely remove the disk from the library. Yes, just a small script to automate the process: press a button, enter the data of your iTunes account, and on: the disk disappears. Or almost: libraries should synchronize not making it more visible in the cloud and between purchases, but if the disc has already been downloaded in iTunes, on an iPhone or on an iPad, it must be deleted manually. Who wants to download it again, always free, can return to the iTunes Store page and find it among the free titles to buy. Until October 13th: after that date it will be paid – Apple exclusive terminer.

the latest installment of a story that started well and ended badly: Apple buys – paying handsomely – the new album by one of the most famous bands in the world; gives it to its users. It makes it appear automatically in iTunes libraries – the band wants to make it listen to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. People get upset. The off-key word of this story is precisely that truth – automatically – from that game and mounted the controversy beyond all expectations, forcing Apple to retrace his steps. Ilregalo obligatory certainly a forcing, but pissed off with this enthusiasm for a substantially rude gift, even if it was offered in a not exactly correct way. That we have arrived at a support page and a small program to cancel the gift a tragicomic ending. More tragic or comic? More for the band, for Apple or for users? Oseary is right about this: we will talk about this story for years, it will become a term of comparison and will be analyzed further; anyone will have their own opinion on who has made a good impression o the fail most epic.


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