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Apple professional video is learned with Espero

Digital video is now one of Apple's workhorses. In fact, both at a professional and home level, there are many applications, solutions, projects and strategies that involve video as a growth factor in Apple's market share.

In this context, it becomes increasingly relevant, especially in the professional field, to understand the looming digital revolution and prepare to face it by knowing in depth the new solutions proposed by Apple.

In this context, as always when it comes to courses and professional education, Espero plays a leading role in Italy. The Milanese company alongside Cupertino in the field of training and courses, a task it has carried out in the OS field for years and which today remains alongside the Apple also in the "revolution" of the hub and digital video, offering courses certified by the same Apple that allow a thorough preparation on hardware and software.

"The series of our courses – says the CEO of Espero, Luigi Danieli – oriented to offer a complete and integrated solution (Hw, Sw and services) for all those who are individual users, professionals, studios or production companies , have the need to create digital movies.

Apple has a suite of entry products (the so-called iApps: iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto etc.) for amateur production and a suite of advanced products that are enjoying increasing success in professional fields: Final Cut pro, DVD Studio pro and Cinema Tools, obviously without forgetting QuickTime and QuickTime Streaming Server for video broadcasting. It is these latter top solutions, capable of competing and excelling in the traditional dedicated systems of competition, which not only arouse interest but also the need for qualified training, not only on the functionality of the instruments, but also – and above all – on assembly and production techniques and on the technical results required by the professional market "

Hence the need for an offer of certified courses on Digital Video by Apple conveyed by Espero in Italy. Espero teachers qualify precisely, as well as for a deep knowledge of sw tools, precisely for the long experience gained in the video sector. But what are the catalog courses in the Digital Video sector?

“First of all at Apple, and we with Apple РDanieli tells us Рprefer to talk about training courses. The suggested route for those who want to acquire professional knowledge of Apple tools for digital video can be depicted in a diagram (which we present here alongside NDR) that starting from an introduction on

Final Cut Pro progressively deepens the discussion to end with an introduction to DVD Studio Pro The three courses on Final Cut Pro allow the participant to acquire an absolute mastery of the tools and techniques to obtain results in line with the standards of the professional market. The introductory course (3 days) aims to make FinalCutPro's features and Editing functions practically learned and experimented "

The 'ADVANCED TECHNIQUES ..' (2 days) course delves into the advanced Editing features of FinalCutPro, simulating 'realistic' work processes. Finally, the 'CREATE EFFECTS …' course transfers techniques to the participant to minimize rendering times, work with multiple levels to create various types of compositions, create and vary over time filters, transitions and customized motion effects, work in integration with other professional sw, and so on "

In addition to these courses, the DVD Studio pro course provides a complete knowledge of the features and functionalities of DVD Studio Pro, for the creation of professional DVD-videos.

Espero does not forget even the use of the Mac in the streaming server. The use of Mac servers (not just Xserve) with QuickTime streaming server is in fact growing rapidly. Both the video broadcast (real time) and the streaming of recorded videos are solutions available with Apple, as usual, in integrated mode (hardware, software and services and also here the investment threshold and growth prospects have directed the creation of courses also in this field

"It is not only the broadcast specialists who are interested – Danieli tells us – that numerous organizations, organizations, universities, research centers, corporate and medium-sized companies that need to effectively transmit video files on the network in various contexts: information, video catalogs, training and eLearning, etc. Apple has developed a course dedicated to video streaming with Quicktime streaming server which will be available starting from April.

The headquarters of the Espero courses at the Apple offices in Milan (Cologno Monzese) and Rome (EUR). For further information, please contact Espero either by e-mail or by telephone (Tel. 02/36556000 – fax 02/36556014)