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Apple presents the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015

Apple presents the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015


Apple presents the new generation of iPods: prices, information, details and technical characteristics

Apple presents the new iPod Touch, also from 128GB and the new colors for iPod Nano and Shuffle.

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The new iPod Touch with A8 chip, a new range of colors and a top-of-the-range version with 128 GB of storage space are commercially available.

As widely expected, the sixth generation iPod Touch, the new iPod nano and Shuffle have been officially presented and since yesterday are also on sale in Italy. Apple's new iPods come in new six colors and with a small hardware upgrade. Here are all the details.

Apple presents the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015

We had already imagined it, but since yesterday the official news: Apple has completely renewed its iPod line and has officially presented the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015.We believed that Apple wanted to slowly abandon the iPod product line to make room for the iPhone and iPad, but not so.

After 3 years, in fact, Apple has decided to update the entire range of its iPods presenting the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015.

Contrary to what happens for iPhone, iPad or Mac, in this case the Cupertino company did not issue press releases or make any particular announcements, but it simply has updated the Apple Store adding the new of iPod nano, iPod Shuffle and Touch lines.

The update of the new iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015, therefore, took place in a totally silent way, but obviously not escaped in the eyes of the most attentive users.

But let's calmly analyze all the new features of the iPod Touch, iPod nano and Shuffle 2015.

Basically we are not dealing with a real revolution: we have new unpublished colors and some small hardware changes,nothing more.

New iPod Touch 2015: features and price

iPod Touch 6th generation now integrates a 64-bit Apple A8 processor, the same used in iPhone 6 but underclocked at 1.1GHz (and not standard 1.3GHz): this allows the device to have similar performance to iPhone 5S. We also find 1GB of RAM and M8 movement ecoprocessor. Certainly not the most recent hardware equipment, but it represents a big step forward compared to the 2012 series (which instead had only 512MB of RAM). As for the rest of the hardware, we have a 1.2 megapixel HD front camera and an 8 megapixel iSight rear camera, with support for slow motion (120 fps) and time-lapse video. The screen size remains the same, 4 inches with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels and 326 PPI. We also find 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1.

iPod Touch available in Italy with 16GB of ROM for 239 euros, 32GB for 289 euros and 64GB for 349 euros. In this case arrived for even a larger model, 128GB, sold for 469 euros.

The new iPod Touch will be available in 6 colors: silver, space gray, gold, pink, blue and red.

As anticipated,iPod Nano and Shuffle have been renewed exclusively as colors, which are in the same range as those for iPod Touch, but have not undergone changes in the level of hardware.

New iPod Nano2015: features and price

In this case we don't have much news. We only have new colors. IPod nano for sale in Italy in the 16GB size at a price of 189 euros.

New iPod Nano 2015: features and price

Again we don't have much news. We only have new colors. IPod Shuffle with 2GB of memory costs 59 euros.

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