Apple Powerbeats Pro expected in four new colors

Apple Powerbeats Pro expected in four new colors

Available since last year first in black and then also in blue, ivory and green, the Powerbeats Pro sports earphones seem to be coming in four new brighter and more vibrant colors. The appearance of registration procedures at the FCC with new product codes had already emerged in April of this year: now according to a post published on the Chinese social network Weibo it seems that the multinational of Cupertino is preparing the launch which should take place shortly.

The post on the Powerbeats Pro in four new colors also indicates the details of the colors, with names that respect the scheme already used by Apple for numerous other products: these are cloud pink, giacer blue, Spring yellow and also lava red. Literally translatable into cloud pink, glacier blue, spring yellow and lava red.

Apple Powerbeats Pro expected to arrive in four new colors

It should be noted that the Chinese post that anticipates the new colors comes from an account whose reliability is unknown. In any case, the rumors circulated previously and also the new details indicated suggest that the anticipation is credible. In this article we report an image of MacRumos that offers an idea of ​​how the new colors could be. Recall that often in the past Apple has introduced new spring colors for different Beat products and not only at this time of year.

Finally, a further detail: although some with the new codes that appeared on the net thought of a new model coming soon, it is more likely that it is a small revision at the hardware level and that the product codes spotted refer to the Powerbeats in four new colors. In the photo below the colors already available:The best earphones for iPhone and iPad

Powerbeats Pro are headphones similar to AirPods Pro, Apple's other wireless headphones, but optimized for sports use. In fact, they are equipped with a hook to wind the earphones over the user's ear to keep them in position during the exercise. Recall that all Apple Beats audio accessories, headphones, speakers and earphones are available from this Amazon page, often offered at a discount compared to the official list price.

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