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Apple now uses 100% renewable energy for its data centers

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Apple's cloud is now totally clean. According to what is learned from the Cupertino site, in fact, 100% of its data centers now use energy obtained directly or indirectly from renewable sources such as solar panel fields, geothermal, hydroelectric or wind energy.

In the report, noted by Bloomberg, Apple also provides other data on the progress made towards a reduction of greenhouse gases. 100% of renewable energy is also used in the Apple offices in Austin, Elk Grove, Cork and Munich, as well as on the Cupertino campus. Overall, the Apple house currently uses 75% of renewable energy for its entire activity.

Recall that Cupertino has made huge investments in particular at the Maiden data center in North Carolina where I operate the largest solar panel field in the United States among those privately owned. An advanced fuel cell energy production system also operates in Maiden; this is also the largest in service in the United States among those for private use. Overall, Apple produces 167 million kWh of renewable energy, enough to power 17600 households for a year. 60% of the energy consumed in Maiden at "zero kilometer" and is produced locally; the percentage destined to grow when a second field of 20 mWh money panels is active

The news of Apple's "clean cloud" comes about a year after a controversy raised by Greenpeace; the environmental association had attacked Apple, claiming that the American company was among the least attentive to the phenomenon of greenhouse gas dissipation since its data centers used largely traditional energy sources, including nuclear power. The accusation, even if the data were based, some external observers then said, on inconsistent information and in essence on wrong calculations, had made a lot of noise forcing Apple to intervene to defend itself.

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