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Apple News Plus, audio versions of the articles may arrive

Apple News Plus, audio versions of the articles may arrive

Apple News + may offer audio versions of some articles in the future. Digiday says so, citing sources among publishers participating in Apple's "all you can eat" magazine program. Apple managers would have asked at least four publishers for permission to produce narrated versions of their articles; to clarify, therefore, it would be Apple in the first person to bear the costs of creating the content, and the publishers would continue to be compensated as is the case for traditional articles.

It is not clear whether Apple intends convert all items (it would be an impressive job, but certainly not out of reach for one of the richest companies in the world) or just a selection. There aren't even any details on when the feature might debut.

Apple News + has now blown out its first candle, and always according to the source there is still discontent among publishers. As had already emerged practically immediately, some believe that the percentage that holds Apple from subscriptions is too high (it is equal to 50%; the remaining 50% is distributed based on the time spent on articles).

Among other things, Apple did not hesitate to talk about the over 200,000 subscribers totaled in the first 48 hours, but then did not release any other update: in short, it seems that the performance of the service is not particularly exciting. It is interesting to note how during the last quarterly Tim Cook spoke about the monthly active users of News (125 million), and he did not even mention News Plus on that occasion.