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Apple Music: Confusion in the iCloud library

Apple Music is official: new streaming music service


Apple Music, Apple's music streaming service, is young and already starting to show the first weak points and on the net, even the most avid fans are not very enthusiastic about the new service launched by the house of the bitten apple.

Let's start with the first ones controversies related to the automatic renewal that set of defaults to then move on to problems with iCloud and with the iTunes libraries.

Apple Music is opposed to giants such as Spotify, Pandora, Goole Play but also to some possible threats such as Facebook and therefore must be better in everything but according to the criticisms that are raining on the net the new service affected by some serious problems.

Let's start with the most serious that you would see in one fell swoop deleted playlists, messy albums and music and wrong artists as you can read on various forums related to Apple and just the transfer of your music catalog to iCloud would create this sort of problem and confusion between the iTunes library and the Apple Music library.

Some users have found deleted albums or incorrect synchronizations of songs and artists. This BUG affects the iTunes 12.2 versions and the simultaneous iCloud Music Library enablement. Also after the synchronization, as we read on Mashble, some users have noticed albums, songs, artists ordered in a confused way with wrong albums, artists and records that did not coincide.

Finally, we note that the renewal, after the three-month free trial, is enabled by default, and therefore, all less attentive users will be charged costs even after 3 months if you do not deactivate the renewal independently.

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