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Apple man at the helm of the association of FireWire manufacturers.

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Apple man at the helm of the association of manufacturers FireWire. –

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There is an Apple man at the helm of the organization of FireWire producers and developers.

This is Eric Anderson appointed in the last few hours as president of the organization that will govern with the collaboration of Max Bassler of Molex, other managers: Dave Thompson (Agere Systems) (videpresident) and members of the executive "junta": Jalil Oraee (Oxford Semiconductor ), Scott Smyers (Sony), Alan Berkema (HP), John Barber (NEC), Scott Fierstein (Microsoft), Angela Lee (Mitsubishi), Sam Liu (Newnex), Larry Matola (Delphi Automotive), Richard Mourn (Quantum Parametrics ), Declan O'Mahoney (Firecomms), Andreas Schloissnik (Yokogawa Electric), Cecelia Smith (Texas Instruments) and Hans van der Ven (Panasonic). Anderson's first public release will be on February 3, during the conference "Compliance and Interoperability Workshop ”To be held in Burlingame, California. Anderson comes to lead the Firewire organization at a critical time. IEEE 1394 must face the front attack of USB 2 trying to impose as soon as possible the "b" version of its specifications that allow speeds of up to 800 Mbps on normal Cat5 cable and 32000 Mbps on optical fiber.

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