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Apple laid off 260 employees

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260 fewer employees. This is the total number of staff cuts that have hit Apple over the past quarter. The layoffs, which were only reported indirectly, were revealed in the documentation submitted to the SEC, the Security Exchange Commission and published yesterday.

The report states that 197 of the layoffs were implemented by December 28 and result from the closure of a plant located in Singapore, the restructuring of the PowerSchool division and the elimination of some marketing and sales positions in Europe and the United States.

The layoffs of the past few weeks had been preceded by 600 (approximately) other layoffs that occurred between late 2001 and early 2002.

Apple has always maintained that, especially as a result of the launch of the retail store policy in the USA, the number of its employees is steadily growing, albeit slightly. The staff that manages the stores, in fact, is a direct employee of Cupertino.

The SEC itself specifies that in the future Apple will continue in this strategy which presupposes the opening of new prestigious stores such as the one opened in the summer in New York and followed by that of Los Angeles. The use of a large sales force is envisaged in this type of shop.