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Apple knows little about Europe.

Apple knows little about Europe.

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The mistake made by Apple was discovered in the MacNN forum by Rene Beekman.

It should be noted that the problem, all European, of DV cameras – basic models – with FireWire not enabled is due to taxation issues rather than to "restrictions on the import of cameras with DV-IN enabled" as instead stated in a TIL from Apple.

The usual "take everything for granted" of the Americans, this time was overwhelmed by the "whistles for flasks".

For us Europeans there is no import restriction (at least in this case) but rather to have the license to register the FireWire port (invented by Apple), or i.LINK (so named by Sony and other video camera manufacturers), or IEEE1394, means paying a much higher tax rate, but despite this the public prefers to buy rare models with DV-IN enabled in the European Union.

Sorry to note that in Cupertino they haven't read the interesting and exhaustive chapter "DV-IN" edited for some time on MacProf.

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